About Us

Street Entrance to Tessier's HardwareWe are a small family run Hardware Store. We have been in business for over 90 years serving our local area. We are in our fourth generation of family involvement. We carry anything from Paint, Electrical, Plumbing, Hand Tools, and Power Tools plus much much more !  This is our store.  The foundation and base of the building are still the original, at least 100 + years old.  The building you see here in the picture is how we have appeared for nearly 20 years, since the mid 80’s.  Before then, we were without the upper level and not as deep from the street and about 30 ft wide.  This particular picture was taken in 2000.   We have gone through many changes since the original building stood its ground up until the addition was constructed and up to present day.  With the upper level addition, we added extra storage space, an office for our bookkeeping, and a small bathroom.  The main floor was extended from 48 ft long with an additional 24 ft, plus a garage of about 30 ft by 30 ft.  Our sales floor increased from 1440 sq Ft to 2160 sq Ft.   With increased sales floor space, we have increased our product line over the years, which has aided us in staying in business when others haven’t been so lucky.  Over the past ten years, our business has grown tremendously.  With the help of the fourth generation, their new ideas and innovations have aided in a boom of business.  One with a degree in business and marketing, the other in communications.  This new think tank has brought in sales aids and other tools which have helped tremendously.  Also, they have reformatted the sales floor for optimal usage of space and display of product.  With this rearrangement of product more varieties of things were able to be brought in and other lines expanded.  The power tool and pneumatic tool department was increased to include four new manufacturers, including DeWalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, and Paslode, expanded from the original lines of just Makita and Stanley Bostitch.  Also added was a partial automotive department, including motor oil, cleaners, and many other accessories.  New LED flashlights, revolutionary gloves and under wear, and time saving paint sprayers have also been brought in as technology and improvements have been made to older products.  Bud Tessier, however, still remains to be “The Man.”  With a charming smile and a charismatic manner, he has kept customers happy and impressed many.

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