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We are now carrying Beer and Wine Making Supplies

Tessier’s Hardware is now offering quality ingredients and superior service to home brewers.
For the best-tasting, freshest and most local beer, cider, wine and soda, try making your own at home. Homebrewing is a fun hobby, and brings you a whole world of new flavors, with ingredients you can control. It can even save you a little money, too.

Get something new a-brewin’ on the homestead by learning how to craft your own cider, beer, wine and soda. With simple ingredients, a small upfront equipment investment, and a bit of time learning the ropes, you’ll soon be turning out refreshing fermented beverages customized to your palate and preferred strength.

We offer a full line of malt extracts from Alexanders, Munton’s, Coopers, Briess. We also carry grain from Weyermann, Crisp and Munton’s just to name a few. Tessier’s prides itself on a fresh yeast stock that is rotated constantly to ensure freshness. Our large selection of yeast includes White Labs, RedStar and Fermentis. Let’s not forget hops, we have you covered from the strongest IPA to the most subtle of German Pilsners, the hops are always kept in cold storage to ensure freshness.

We also support brewers of wine, cider, meads, and soda. The wine kits we carry include Orchard Breezin, Grand Cru and Vino del Vido brands, along with any chemicals needed to make it shine. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any questions you might have about the home brewing process.

Beer and Wine Making Supplies

You could make these delicious beverages, we can help!!


Beer & Wine Making Starter Kits and Ingredient Kits
Root Beer / Soda Starter Kits & Extracts
Cappers, Corkers, Bottle Caps, &Wine Corks
Fermenting Buckets and Glass Carboys
Beer Bottles, Wine Bottles
Malt Extract (Syrup & Dry)
Whole and Crushed Grains

Hop Pellets
Wine & Beer Additives
Books & More!



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Earth Day 2017 Annual Event is This Saturday


Greenlite-logo-Web LED Light Bulbs Starting at 99 cents each!!!!!






Giveaways and Raffle!!!!

Huge Discounts on Name Brand Outdoor Living and Gardening Supplies!!!!


Look for this around the store centennial and save big bucks!!!!

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Earth Day Event on April 22 !!!

Earth Day 2017

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Centennial LED Bulb Anniversary Bonanza Sale


Sale prices available online or in store, Get your bulbs today and start saving in your home or business.

These deals may not last forever, now is your chance to change out all the bulbs in your house for a very affordable cost and save instantly on your electrical bill.

Check out our new YouTube channel.  Funny commercials we made over the years and a couple of documentary pieces on our business.  Hope to have more content coming soon.


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Happy Holidays from Tessier’s Hardware


Wishing You all the Joys of the Season and Every Happiness Throughout the Coming Year from the Tessier’s family as we enter our 100th anniversary in 2017.

Tessier’s will be open on Christmas Eve,  Saturday December 24th from 8:00 AM till 2:00 PM until further notice

Christmas Day, Sunday December 25th:  Closed

Monday, December 26th: Closed

Tuesday through Friday, December 27th-30th:  7:30 to 5:00

Saturday New Years Eve, December 31st: 8:00 to 2:00 until further notice

Sunday New Years Day, January 1st: Closed  Happy New Year !!!!

Monday, January 2nd:  Closed

Tuesday, January 3rd: Normal Hours resume


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Tessier’s Earth Day Celebration 2015

Saturday   April 23rd, 2015    9AM till 2PM

Earth Day 2016

Earth Day 2016 - 3

Check out our special guest Balloon Artist, Anthony!!!!  Fun for all!!

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Small Business Saturday — Shop Small, Save Big On November 28th



Nov 28 is Small Business Saturday(R), a day created specifically for small businesses like Tessier’s Hardware. This year, don’t just Shop Small(R) for our Personal Touch. Do it for the businesses you love, for the community you call home, and for the money that can stay in the neighborhood when we all Shop Small. This Nov 28, get up, get out, and Shop Small.

Find us at 837 Central Ave between the hours of 8AM and 2 PM on Nov 28.

Thanks for choosing to #ShopSmall. Please share your Small Business Saturday experience on your social channels. See you Saturday!


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Local Home Improvement Purchases Give Back to Our Hometown for the Holidays

Study shows shopping at local home improvement stores

makes significant economic impact on community


Pawtucket, 11/16/2015  — You’ve made your holiday shopping list and you’ve checked it twice. But where you shop this holiday season can be just as important as what you buy. Purchasing gifts from local home improvement stores, such as Tessier’s Paint and Hardware, this holiday season will make an important economic impact on our hometown.

Nearly twice as much money spent at a locally owned home improvement store will stay in our community compared to dollars spent at a big-box store. Buying gifts at local home improvement stores, such as Tessier’s Paint and Hardware, will not only make you the most popular and thoughtful gift giver, but will also allow you to keep money in the local community by simply being a conscious consumer.

A recent study sponsored by the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) and Independent We Stand and conducted by Civic Economics shows that a dollar spent at a local home improvement business generates 97 percent more local economic activity than a dollar spent at a big-box store. This statistic means that your shopping decisions this holiday season can put twice as much money toward our community schools, local charities, sports teams and more.

Planning to purchase power equipment for someone on your gift list? Buying from an independent dealer results in a 71-percent increase in local economic activity compared to purchasing similar equipment from major chain stores, according to the study. Other gifts to consider purchasing from Tessier’s Paint and Hardware include hand tools, Stanley Fat Max 25 ft Tape Measure for $ 14.95 and the Nebo Slyde Flashlight for $25.00.

For every $500 spent on gifts at local home improvement stores this holiday season, $115 will stay in our community. Spend the same amount at a big box and our community loses nearly half of that money.

The potential national impact of shopping at local home improvement stores is even bigger. Together, the two largest national home center chains – Lowe’s and Home Depot – sold $114 billion in goods in 2013. If only 10 percent of that business had gone to independent stores throughout the country, hometowns, like Pawtucket, across the U.S. would have collectively seen a $1.3 billion increase in economic activity.

Choose to be part of something bigger this holiday season by shopping at local home improvement stores. Keep your money where your house is and choose our hometown for the holidays.

For more information about the study, visit

About the North American Retail Hardware Association:

The North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) is a nonprofit trade association with a mission to help independent hardware stores, home centers and lumberyards in the U.S. and Canada become better and more profitable retailers. NRHA fulfills its mission by providing information, training programs, educational resources and networking opportunities to thousands of retailers. Visit for more information.

About Independent We Stand:

Independent We Stand is an organization that helps business owners across the country inform their communities about the importance of buying local products and how these efforts bolster their local economies. Independent We Stand supports all local and national causes committed to boosting local economic development projects. Visit for more information.

About Civic Economics:

Civic Economics is a research firm that studies the economics of local retail and service. The company provides a data-driven approach to business and community initiatives for clients across North America. Visit for more information.

About Tessier’s Hardware:

Emile Tessier was born in Canada in 1884 and married Anna Desroches in 1909.

Emile Tessier

Emile Tessier

Anna Tessier

Anna Tessier

Together, they immigrated to the United States from Canada in 1914 at the age of 30, speaking very little English and armed with only a fifth-grade education. Shortly thereafter, Anna was a savvy entrepreneur and Emile was a tin smith by trade, they opened Anna Tessier’s Dry Goods in Central Falls, RI.

Anna Tessier's Dry Goods

Anna Tessier’s Dry Goods

Tollgate House, Lincoln RI

Tollgate House, Lincoln RI

Through hard work and perseverance, they decided to establish a hardware store in 1917 in Pawtucket, RI, Tessier’s General Store.

tessiers old-1 tessiers old

Almost one hundred years later, Tessier’s Paint & Hardware still stands in the same building after a few additions and updates over the years, employing about 10 people.  If you look closely at the ceiling and walls, the original tin ceiling and walls are a reminder of the past and an amazing feat hand crafted by Emile’s hands himself.


Hand crafted tin ceiling by Emile

2nd Generation Edouard Tessier Behind the counter

2nd Generation Edouard Tessier Behind the counter

The remarkable growth and transitions over time by Tessier’s Paint & Hardware can be attributed to the company treating its customers as friends and always making them number one. We believe that the business was founded on the principle of buying economically and we give our customers what they want, high-grade hardware at a price everyone can afford.

New sign featuring Edouard with sign artist/brother in law Austin

New sign featuring Edouard with sign artist/brother in law Austin

Tessier’s Paint & Hardware never lost track of where it started, and today it still remains “all in the family” with 3 family members currently employed, including the fourth generation.

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Black Friday Specials For Two Weeks At Tessier’s

HSH Holiday_Facebook Cover

See the specials online at…/spe…/black-friday-specials/.
We don’t believe in making people wait out all night long, so at Tessier’s, our Black Friday Specials are for the next two weeks!!!!

HSH Holiday 2

$500 spent on gifts at Tessier’s this Black Friday keeps $115 in the community. Spend the same amount at a big box, and our community loses nearly half that amount.

Planning on shopping this Black Friday? Research shows that shopping at Tessier’s versus a big box keeps twice as much money in the local economy. That creates more jobs for our neighbors and keeps tax dollars in our town.

Choose local this holiday season! Research shows that buying products from Tessier’s keeps twice as much money in our hometown economy than the same purchase made at a chain store.

Holiday shopping at Tessier’s versus a big-box store keeps twice as much money in the local community, creating more jobs for our neighbors and keeping tax dollars in our hometown!

For every $500 spent on holiday gifts at Tessier’s, $115 recirculates back into our hometown, compared to $58 from a national chain. Let’s choose our hometown for the holidays!

Choose our hometown for the holidays by purchasing gifts for family and friends at Tessier’s, your locally owned and operated independent home improvement store.

Do you know how much shopping locally this holiday season could impact our hometown? Put our ZIP code into the Home Sweet Home Economic Impact Calculator to find out!

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Tessier’s is your LED Destination for saving big!

With our complete lighting display almost finished and our new assortment of Design House Lighting, we would like to announce that we carry every LED bulb style for every light/lamp in your house.  All for $4.95 each!!  These bulbs add up to big savings and will brighten up more than any CFL or Incandescent.

Let Tessier’s be your destination to LED savings!!!

Check out the assortment online, Shop online and come pick up in store!!

LED Bulbs | Product Categories | Tessier’s Paint & Hardware.

via Tessier’s is your LED Destination for saving big!.

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