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We are now carrying Beer and Wine Making Supplies

Tessier’s Hardware is now offering quality ingredients and superior service to home brewers.
For the best-tasting, freshest and most local beer, cider, wine and soda, try making your own at home. Homebrewing is a fun hobby, and brings you a whole world of new flavors, with ingredients you can control. It can even save you a little money, too.

Get something new a-brewin’ on the homestead by learning how to craft your own cider, beer, wine and soda. With simple ingredients, a small upfront equipment investment, and a bit of time learning the ropes, you’ll soon be turning out refreshing fermented beverages customized to your palate and preferred strength.

We offer a full line of malt extracts from Alexanders, Munton’s, Coopers, Briess. We also carry grain from Weyermann, Crisp and Munton’s just to name a few. Tessier’s prides itself on a fresh yeast stock that is rotated constantly to ensure freshness. Our large selection of yeast includes White Labs, RedStar and Fermentis. Let’s not forget hops, we have you covered from the strongest IPA to the most subtle of German Pilsners, the hops are always kept in cold storage to ensure freshness.

We also support brewers of wine, cider, meads, and soda. The wine kits we carry include Orchard Breezin, Grand Cru and Vino del Vido brands, along with any chemicals needed to make it shine. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any questions you might have about the home brewing process.

Beer and Wine Making Supplies

You could make these delicious beverages, we can help!!


Beer & Wine Making Starter Kits and Ingredient Kits
Root Beer / Soda Starter Kits & Extracts
Cappers, Corkers, Bottle Caps, &Wine Corks
Fermenting Buckets and Glass Carboys
Beer Bottles, Wine Bottles
Malt Extract (Syrup & Dry)
Whole and Crushed Grains

Hop Pellets
Wine & Beer Additives
Books & More!



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