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Kitchen Remodel to Stand Test of Time

Kitchen Remodel to Stand Test of Time

Reckelhoff Kitchen Remodel - Feature


We have lived in our home for nearly eleven years. We have remodeled almost every space, including the exterior, except for the kitchen. When we moved in, we started with basic brown cabinets, laminate counter top, and vinyl flooring. We painted not only the cabinets, but also the vinyl floor, ripped out the blue flowered wallpaper, and took down the pretend crystal chandelier. We experienced some water damage because of the plumbing under the sink and our dishwasher was leaking. After many touch-ups and fixes, we decided to go with a brand new kitchen.


Reckelhoff Kitchen Remodel - Before


Our kitchen remodel began with a plan for a permanent solution that can stand the test of time. We decided to get solid wood cabinets and quartz counter tops because of their quality and long-term durability. While these products cost more initially, it is worth not having to remodel again later.


We decided to make our kitchen function more efficient by adding base cabinets with drawers instead of doors. It allows us to see everything in the cabinets without bending down or stooping. We also added a corner base cabinet with drawers instead of a lazy susan. Two, three, and four drawer options are available. We chose a two-drawer cabinet to store larger items.


Our old wall cabinets were the standard 12 inches from the ceiling. While we could have gone up to the ceiling, we chose not to because we didn’t want to cut into our existing crown molding. So, we opted for going up to the bottom edge of the crown molding. Our new wall cabinets have crown molding on them as well. The only exception is the corner which does go to the ceiling for decorative appeal.


We chose quartz counter tops because it has a more consistent look than granite. We love the color as it hides dirt, compliments our cabinets, and is a great contrast to the white walls. We added an under mount sink to make clean-up easier. We chose a partial bar-height counter top to provide more seating. We originally intended to install an all-mosaic backsplash, however we decided that it may look too busy. We opted for white subway tiles using the mosaic tiles as an accent. The biggest challenge was cutting in around the outlets and switches because none of them were placed in the same vertical location. The finished look of the backsplash ties brings the material choices of the entire kitchen together.


Our new kitchen turned out better than our expectations. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, and plan to stay in your home for several more years, then it is worth the investment. If you save up and pay cash for the remodel, you can usually negotiate larger discounts. Be sure to choose long-lasting materials so your investment will last many years.

Reckelhoff Kitchen Remodel - After

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Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring

Spring has sprung! Is your lawn ready?

A healthy, green lawn provides curb appeal and increases your home’s value. Here are a few steps you can take to make your lawn look its best yet.

After a long winter, your lawn most likely has some bare patches and brown spots. Go through and spray and pull any weeds, and pick up any stray sticks or branches. If there are any more leaves left over from the fall, be sure to rake them up.

getting your lawn ready for spring

Dethatch your lawn. Thatch is a layer of dead grass that sits under the live grass and just above the ground. It keeps water from being able to get in the soil, so you want to remove it. Use a dethatching rake (you should be able to find one at your local hardware store) to get rid of that layer.

Your next step should be to aerate, or remove plugs of soil from, your lawn. The spaces you leave by doing this give the grass roots room to spread, making them stronger. Check with your local retailer to find out about renting an aerator.

aerate your lawn

Once you’ve cleaned up the lawn, it’s time to get it ready for the upcoming season. Go ahead and mow your lawn first, if needed. Next, seed the entire lawn (not just bare spots) with a grass that’s local to your area or is the same as the type of grass you already have. By overseeding, you can have a thicker lawn, as more of those seeds should take root in the ground.

Add fertilizer. Fertilizers contain a mix of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Each type is a little different, so when you visit your local store to buy fertilizer, ask an employee to explain the different types and find out which would be best for your lawn.

how to fertilize a lawn

Along with fertilizing four times a year (early spring, late spring, summer and fall is a good schedule to follow), make sure you mow regularly (your schedule may change, depending on how much rain your area gets and how much fertilizer you use).

getting your yard ready for spring

Make sure you cut off no more than one-third of the grass blades at a time, and mow in a different direction each time to avoid tracks from the lawnmower and to give the lawn a more natural appearance. Don’t worry about collecting the grass clippings—letting them fall to the ground (as long as they aren’t too long) saves time for you and provides a natural mulch for your lawn.

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